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We help Organizations Improve Productivity and Profits by Enabling Mindful & Compassionate Leadership and Teams


Compassion. Connection. Collaboration.

We help organizations gain a competitive edge by empowering compassionate, happier workplaces




About Compassion Leaders

We are a training company. Our certified teachers conduct workshops and hackathons in your office and off-site, globally. We also offer these trainings online. Our trainings were created by a scientist who has dedicated his life to bringing more compassion and happiness to workplaces. These unique programs are changing lives in companies around the world.

Compassion Leaders offers three primary training programs, and has the backing of technology partners to sustain the learning.


Success + Happiness TRIP

TRIP is a call to realize that you can create and live an abundant life of happiness and success personally and professionally.


Compassion Training

This training can give your teams and organization to excel at the human and business fronts.


Productivity TRAITS

TRAITS is a system of personal and professional productivity based on the science of habit formation.


Some reviews of training from our past attendees

"Fantastic Content"

"Fantastic Content!Timely to today's challenge on how we can all learn to be more compassionate to each other"- Team Member, SCUX, Salesforce

"Perfect for morale and team building"

“Several members of our staff both management and non-management have spoken to me since the presentation. All of them felt the information presented will not only help them at work but also in their personal lives. I was very appreciative of the fact that how the presenter kept the staff engaged through audience participation activities, visual aids and real life examples. I believe the information is perfect for morale and team building as well as strategic planning for addressing human resource issues and operational issues.” - - Mr. Larry Brooks, Head of Alameda County Healthy Homes Department

"one of the most sound and impactful events"

'I have attended many morale and team building events in the past 12 years. This is one of the most sound and impactful events I have attended" - Mr. Shiv Sundar, CEO, Shoonya