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Soft-skills are critical for your workplace success. We empower you to become 

soft-skill superstars through compassion training.

What we do

Compassion, the capacity to notice and alleviate suffering, is a powerful business and leadership skill. Compassion drives engagement, trust, happiness and innovation at work. This skill can be learned, and has huge personal and professional ROI.

Compassionleaders created the '9-Pillars of Compassion' training framework that builds compassion by developing 9-key workplace soft-skills.

Companies big and small, from Salesforce to dentist offices, have used our compassion training for building their soft-skills.

Why Soft-skills?

Soft-skills, according to the USChamber Foundation, include the following:

• Teamwork & collaboration • Leadership • Problem solving & critical thinking • Work ethic & persistence • Organizational skills • Creativity • Interpersonal communication • Relationship skills (e.g. conflict resolution)

92% of nearly 900 surveyed executives said soft skills were equally important or more important than technical skills, yet

89% said they have a “very or somewhat difficult” time finding employees with those soft skills.          - WSJ 9/2/2016

The mission of Compassionleaders is to bridge the soft-skills gap through compassion training



  1. Consulting

  2. Team building

  3. Leadership development

  4.  Compassion Hackathons

  5.  AAA Team Coaching

1. Consulting: Working with you every step on your company's soft-skilling journey
2. Team building: Interactive training that connects and empowers
3. Compassionate leadership: Helping leaders build super-star human skills
 4. Compassion Hackathons: Unique collaborative problem solving
5.  AAA Team Coaching: The magic of life-coaching to grow as a team


Attendees Recommend


Team Member, SCUX, Salesforce

"Fantastic Content!Timely to today's challenge on how we can all learn to be more compassionate to each other"

Head of Alameda County Healthy Homes Department

"I believe the information is perfect for morale and team building as well as strategic planning for addressing human resource issues and operational issues."

CEO, Shoonya

"I have attended many morale and team building events in the past 12 years. This is one of the most sound and impactful events I have attended"


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Dan D

5.0 out of 5 stars Learn from a master how really be a business with purpose

October 2, 2019

Dr Immanual Joseph actually walks the talk. In this book you'll learn first hand how to bring higher human values to work - and win. Lots of people talk about business with purpose - few really know it, less do it. This is the guy - this is the book. Be enlightened.

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