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We help Organizations Improve Productivity and Profits by Enabling Mindful & Compassionate Leadership and Teams


Creating great places to work

Improving engagement, productivity and culture through compassion training




About Compassion Leaders

We help create a High Performance Workplace Culture by empowering teams and leaders

People are most productive, engaged, happy and healthy in work cultures that are caring, connected and collaborative.

Compassion training is the most effective and sustainable way to create cultures that are caring, connected and collaborative.


Training Compassion

People can be inspired to become engaged, collaborative, loyal and productive through compassion training. We use our unique hackathons, retreats and the 7-steps process to create lasting shifts in your teams and organization


Training the Trainers

We create ‘compassion moai’s’ within organizations and ‘compassion ambassadors’ to lead the moais. Compassion ambassadors get training, digital content, technology access and our continuing support to change their work culture.


Digital Badges

Workplace Compassion Digital Badges can be a great addition to your organization’s L&D efforts. Digital badges can be taken by employees at their convenience and are valuable across organizations. Topics include the gamut of the employee’s work journey.

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Reviews from past attendees

"Fantastic Content"

"Fantastic Content!Timely to today's challenge on how we can all learn to be more compassionate to each other"- Team Member, SCUX, Salesforce

"Perfect for morale and team building"

“Several members of our staff both management and non-management have spoken to me since the presentation. All of them felt the information presented will not only help them at work but also in their personal lives. I was very appreciative of the fact that how the presenter kept the staff engaged through audience participation activities, visual aids and real life examples. I believe the information is perfect for morale and team building as well as strategic planning for addressing human resource issues and operational issues.” - - Mr. Larry Brooks, Head of Alameda County Healthy Homes Department

"One of the most sound and impactful events"

'I have attended many morale and team building events in the past 12 years. This is one of the most sound and impactful events I have attended" - Mr. Shiv Sundar, CEO, Shoonya