Workplace Life-skills Training

Re-engineer inner worlds. Reinvent relationships. Re-define leadership

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The future of workplaces requires us to be more human than ever. Unfortunately, in spite of overwhelming proof, life-skills training is not prioritized in many workplaces.


At Compassionleaders, we address this need through digital courses, online and in-person workshops, compassion hackathons, leadership retreats, life coaching, team building and culture consulting.

Compassion is an umbrella life-skill. Under this umbrella we train for 9 essential workplace skills:


People first thinking

Abundance mindset


Embracing Oneness

Compassionate Communication


Big Picture Thinking

Workplace Gratitude

Our experts listen to your needs, identify the right training solutions and collaborate with you to facilitate change.


Compassion Trainer


Immanual Joseph, Ph.D. CPC

Dr. Immanual Joseph is a former cancer drug discovery scientist, who chose to become an evangelist of human compassion in workplaces following a period taking care of people in end-of-life situations. Inspired by personal compassion experiences post- hurricane Katrina, Immanual created Compassion Leaders, a company that helps organizations solve human and business challenges through compassion training. His training curriculum, 'The 9-Pillars of Workplace Compassion', has been reviewed and praised by experts from Stanford and the Center for Positive Organizations. Companies across industries, from large IT organizations to Dental offices have experienced his transformational approach to creating compassionate cultures. He is currently on a mission to take his compassion training globally accessible.

Immanual has a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the Tulane School of Medicine, New Orleans and is a certified professional coach from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. He has several high impact scientific publications and book chapters to his credit. Immanual has also authored five fiction and one non-fiction book in two languages (English and Tamil). His book on workplace compassion, The Fifth Revolution, was published in Fall 2019.




Team Member, SCUX, Salesforce

"Fantastic Content!Timely to today's challenge on how we can all learn to be more compassionate to each other"

Head of Alameda County Healthy Homes Department

"I believe the information is perfect for morale and team building as well as strategic planning for addressing human resource issues and operational issues."

CEO, Shoonya

"I have attended many morale and team building events in the past 12 years. This is one of the most sound and impactful events I have attended"

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Vantage C is a one-of-a-kind digital course by Compassionleaders that helps address the many challenges of the workplace using compassion tools. Utilizing the most effective instructional design strategies and the best of compassion training, the dynamic course helps prepare the workforce for a new reality of human-centric success.