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We help Organizations Improve Productivity and Profits by Enabling Mindful & Compassionate Leadership and Teams
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The Fifth Revolution

The Fifth Revolution is a retreat for Senior leaders of companies to learn, brainstorm on, and hack solutions for a future-ready workforce, based on a framework of workplace compassion. In this intensive but fun retreat, attendees will gain all the skills and tools to make their companies among the best places to work.


About The Fifth Revolution retreat

The retreat is conducted ‘hackathon-style’, which means you learn new principles and apply them to co-create unique shifts in your organizations. There will be plenty of hands-on learning,  tools to take back with you to your workplaces, and opportunities to form deep connections with other leaders who resonate with your vision. What you will be exposed to is the same compassion training that some of the world’s leading companies (including Salesforce, Box, Charles Schwab) have taken and praised.

We believe that this immersive retreat will help you reinvent your leadership style and your life.

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Who is presenting?

This is an event organized by Compassion Leaders Inc, a premier workplace compassion training organization in the Silicon Valley, California. The ‘9-Pillars of Workplace compassion’ framework created by CompassionLeaders has been reviewed positively by organizational experts from Stanford University and Center for Positive Organizations, University of Michigan.

Dr. Immanual Joseph, PHD, CPC who will be leading the retreat, is the Chief Compassion Officer of Compassion Leaders Inc. Dr. Joseph is a former cancer drug discovery scientist, author and speaker.