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Loneliness vs Aloneness

I realize that loneliness and aloneness are two different things.

I have been in the middle of lively parties surrounded by people and felt heart-wrenchingly lonely. I have also been by myself in nature with not another human soul in sight and felt immensely connected with all of life.

To me, loneliness has come to mean a loss of connection, and aloneness has come to mean a space for rejuvenation. Both are experiences of the spirit, and both are choices I can make.

In my aloneness I reflect on all the good things I have been blessed with. When I realize how the universe has conspired to create and keep me, how every morsel I consume and every experience I enjoy come with the contribution of a thousand hands, my loneliness becomes a victim story I tell myself.

As I grow older, I remind myself that my time, and what experiences I create with them are the only things that matter. If there are people who evoke stories of loneliness in me, I can avoid those people and situations that make me feel lonely. This is self-compassion. This is a choice I can make.

Until next week!

With gratitude :)


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