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We help Organizations Improve Productivity and Profits by Enabling Mindful & Compassionate Leadership and Teams

Sustainable Workplace Solutions 

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Productivity Hackathons

Are your people showing up as the best versions of themselves? High-impact 1 and 2 day training programs, grounded on our proprietary TrAITS system, take your leaders and teams through lasting productivity shifts.

Compassion Hackathons

Re-engineer your work culture, productivity and customer service. High impact 1  and 2 day programs, based on our proprietary '9-Pillars' platform, create unique sustainable solutions of connection, productivity and profitability.

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Training Workshops

6 to 12 sessions of continuous learning. Replete with assessments, learning, sharing, hands on problems- the intention of these 60-90 minute sessions is to shift knowledge into impactful positive work behaviors.

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Web and Mobile Solutions

Building habits through technology. Our training content delivered as bite-sized chunks everyday. 1% a day. Remember 1% a day, compounded, is 3800% a year. Add to that powerful tools for behavior recognition, sharing of resources, and the opportunity to make global impacts. Currently in Beta-mode, our app is technology with heart.

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Getting personal. Coaching done right can shift not just individuals, but entire teams and organizations.  If you are or have a leader in your organization who is stressed/creating stress, unhappy/creating unhappiness and want to move the needle to success, this is the solution you never knew you needed.

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Accessing the full potential of your company. Our unique learning helps us see what you cannot see- your challenges and your opportunities, and how to use them to create effective, productive success machines of your company.

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