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We help Organizations Improve Productivity and Profits by Enabling Mindful & Compassionate Leadership and Teams

Compassion Hackathons and Workshops

Compassion training in the form of workshops, training sessions, hackathons and retreats can offer human solutions to almost every workplace challenge. This is because the focus of compassion training is shifting people from inside. Our training framework, the 9-Pillars of compassion, is an aggregation of 9 essential skills that can bring out the best in us.

Teams from Salesforce to dentist offices have taken the training and experienced the magic that compassion tools can bring to team dynamics and leadership.

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Every training is unique and personalized to address specific needs of the team or company. Live trainings can be anywhere from 2 days to 2 hours. Online trainings can be anywhere from 2 sessions to 8 sessions. The numbers do not matter. Our goal is to maximize on your experience in the time you spend with us. Some scenarios we have personalized our compassion tools to:

improving customer service

reducing employee discord within teams

improving communication within teams

reducing employee burnout

addressing workplace bullying

improving innovation thinking

enhancing purposeful engagement

The possibilities are endless.

Experience the magic of compassion skilling your teams. This can be the greatest differentiator of your success!


What is a compassion hackathon?